Manufacturing Workers

Workplace safety is a challenging issue in the manufacturing industry. Failure to observe established safety rules and practices can have dire consequences for both workers and the employer. The following 10 safety tips for manufacturing workers are vital in reducing workplace accidents.

Create Hazard Awareness Among Workers

Create hazard awareness among workers through training. When workers become aware of hazards, they will help the management to mitigate against them through reporting, thus, enhancing workplace safety.

Report Unsafe Conditions

Report any working condition that can result in an accident in the workplace with your supervisor. Unsafe conditions include faulty equipment, lack of personal protective equipment, and too high room temperatures among others. Near misses should also be reported to help prevent accidents in future instead of laying blame on workers involved.

Make Proper use of Equipment and Tools

Most workplace injuries are caused by machine and tool misuse. Ensure to use every machine for its legitimate intended purpose and correctly. Additionally, ensure to clean machines after use and inspect them before use to make sure they are safe for work.

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Wear Personal Protective Equipment

Ensure to wear on the requisite personal protective equipment when you report for work and not just when working. You should also ensure to check that the safety equipment worn is not damaged and is worn the correct way or it to offer protection.

Ensure Good Housekeeping

Ensure to keep working surfaces and exits clean by getting rid of waste materials soon after you finish working. Avoid wet floors using drip pans when working with liquids. Check your working surfaces and walkway for sharp objects that can cause harm to other people using the surfaces.

Establish a Safety Culture

Make safety a crucial part of your operations to help entrench a safety culture in your firm. Embed safety rules in your workers’ daily routine so that they become aware of their responsibilities towards safety which easies adherence to safety rules. Have an open-door policy to encourage workers to report on unsafe conditions and acts openly.

Eliminate Fire Hazards

Only keep little amounts of flammable chemicals at hand. Store such chemicals in safe storage away from the source of ignition when they are not in use. Additionally, combustible materials should be stored in metal waste bins and disposed of daily.

Use Correct Posture During Lifts

Ensure to keep your back straight and use your legs when lifting weights. You should also avoid twisting when lifting weights since this can cause back pains. Use mechanical lifts such as conveyor belts and wheelbarrows instead of manual lifts whenever possible.

Take Breaks Between Work

Fatigue is the primary cause of accidents in the manufacturing industry. Take breaks between work schedules to enhance your alertness to hazards in your surroundings.

Know the Workplace

Have a thorough understanding of your workplace. Know the nearest escape routes, nearest first aid station, equipment shutdown switches, and safety procedures in every process. You will be able to save your life and those of others in the event of an emergency.

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